In Oregon, all daycares that are currently open must be operating as emergency child care due to COVID-19. Emergency child care has additional rules on top of normal child care rules. Here are some important rules for families to be aware of, as well as, some helpful links to information about Emergency Child Care and  COVID-19.

Additional Rules for Emergency Child Care:


Parents are required to drop off/pick up their children outside of the facility.


Parents are required to wear a face covering during drop off/pick up.


Parents will be asked questions about symptoms and exposure at drop off/pick up.


Children will be required to wash hands/use sanitizer upon entry.


Staff will be required to wear masks during childcare hours.


Children grades kindergarten and above will be required to wear a mask.


Children age 2 to kindergarten will be allowed to wear a mask if requested by a parent.


No child under 2 will ever wear a mask.

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