Our Mission


At Dandelion Preschool we aim to provide a calm and loving environment for our students to build community, appreciate nature, and be excited about learning. We strive to create beautiful, organized, calming spaces for our students to learn and play. Along with this we focus on teaching emotions, communication, and mindfulness.


Once you join our preschool, you become a part of our Dandelion family. We also focus on community within our classroom by encouraging kindness, reinforcing positive behavior, and helping foster friendships. At our school we love to explore nature and play outdoors. We also learn with all kinds of wooden and natural materials (many handcrafted from small businesses). The food we serve is all organic and gluten free.


As a licensed teacher I’ve always been passionate about igniting a love of learning in each of my students. Everyday we set up exciting opportunities for our kids to learn and grow!